Lunch with Marianne

I took my friend, Marianne, out to lunch the other day to celebrate an important accomplishment in her life. The restaurant I took her to specializes in home made pies. When we parked ourselves in a booth, I noticed hanging on the wall behind her a board that listed the pie choices. about 20 of them. As we were finishing our lunch, I read the list to her and encouraged her to have a piece of pie.  She declined, saying she was full. She even planned to take half of her sandwich home with her. I told her she could get a piece to take home. This was my treat. She said, “No, thank you.” It seemed to me that her accomplishment was worth more than a chicken sandwich and a side salad. I am on a diet, but I ordered a piece of french silk pie for myself. I hope she appreciates the sacrifice I made for her.

One thought on “Lunch with Marianne”

  1. I like the fact that you sacraficed for you friend Marianne by having a piece of pie for her accomplishment, that made me laugh out loud!!!! I really could see myself do that also, anything for a friend!!!! We food addicts understand the power of food and how it can speak to us. Thanks Judy for the laugh 🙂

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