Midwinter Tornadoes

Watching the news last night about the tornadoes that have swept across the lower midwest. Terrible damage and nine people were killed.

One man stood amidst the horrendous damage of what was once his house. “This was where my living room was and where I was when the tornadoe hit”, he said. “Over there is where my grandson was. It is hard to believe we both survived. But God must have been here with me and also with my grandson in the other room.”

I was touched by this man’s gratitude but I couldn’t help but wonder about the families of the nine people who died. Are they wondering where God was? Why wasn’t he in their homes when they needed him? Is there just so much God to go around that he has to triage his grace? Are they less worthy than those who’s loved ones survived?

I feel gratitude today for Harold Kushner who wrote the book “Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People?” The book changed my thinking about God and how he operates in our lives. I have given it to friends who have suffered loss and struggle with these questions about God.

I hope the people who have survived these midwinter tornadoes find the comfort they need today.