As we drove toward Denver, we could see clouds of smoke to the west. I thought to pray for folks who had to leave their homes because of the fires.

We spent the night in Denver with our granddaughter and her two children. She fussed over us with a great dinner and I had fun playing Apples to Apples Junior with our great-grandson, my granddaughter, the kids’ Uncle Johnny and his friend. There is nothing like playing a kids game with two guys in their late twenties. They loved messing with seven year old Isaak making sure he would win.

After breakfast this morning we drove down to Monument to the home of my son, Chris, and his wife Wendy and fourteen kids. I am pretty tired and will be crawling into the lower bunk of my granddaughter’s bed shortly. I went with my Wendy to watch the older kids “swing dance” at a place in Colorado Springs. My grandson Isaiah asked me to dance with him. What a sweetie. I can’t say I did very well. He kept saying, “Let me lead, Grandma.” I don’t know what happened to my rhythm. After about four minutes my lungs were about ready to burst. Altitude?

I think I will sleep well tonight.

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  1. Yes, altitude can make you winded. Even though Denver isn’t that high, as compared to Bogota, Colombia where I visit family, I got very winded when I was there. Enjoy your visit.

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