Okay, I think I have heard it all now. Today, listening to BBC radio I hear the report that Florida may deal with its mosquitoe population by giving them birth control. It actually seems like a pretty good idea, but….

If it works, will we in time eliminate mosquitoes? Has anyone considered the bats and the birds that eat them? Actually, the mosquitoe-eating bats and birds here in Minnesota seem to have less appetite than there are mosquitoes in their buffet.  There is some room for reduction and they would still get their fill, but I am not so sure about elimination.

Can this birth control stuff administered to mosquitoes be passed on to the animals and humans that they bite? That would be more than population control. It would be population elimination except for people who live in the Arctic.

What about the idea that this is forced upon the insects without their consent. Can you see the animal rights folks all getting their shorts in a bundle?

When humans mess with nature it usually mucks things up, at least that is my observation. On the other hand, I suppose it is easy for me to defend the mosquitoe this year when they are especially scarce in our state due to the dryness.

I am going to stop listening to the radio.