My New Addiction

Four years ago I found myself addicted to the presidential campaign. What an emotional roller coaster that was! Since then, I have taken on a new addiction to channel surfing. I realized the other night that there are perhaps 3 regular TV shows that I enjoy watching. In addition, I like to watch specials that PBS offers most often on their fundraising nights. Bernie and I watched a concert by Jackie Evancho the other night that was amazing. I said to Bernie, “This time we will NOT order the DVD!” We have ordered program DVD’s during their fundraisers before and we never watch them again. We have also ordered tickets to performances only to discover that we are too old to drive to St. Paul to a concert late at night and drive home at midnight.

What I am getting at, in a round-about way, is that there is rarely anything worth watching in the evenings on TV. So what I have been doing is cruising the 500 plus channels looking for something. It takes a long time to do that and I usually end up occupying a good hour with this activity. Another alternative is to go to bed at 7 pm which is a mistake I always realize at 2 am. A better choice would to read. I am half way through a history book and I intended to put the remote down last night and read it, but my addiction won out. This morning my intentions are fresh. Any of you that understand the nature of addictions know what will happen tonight.

3 thoughts on “My New Addiction”

  1. It isn’t that I would not like to have Jackie’s album. Public TV always has these special offers during their fundraising campaign’s. For a certain generous amount, you can get an appreciation gift, usually a CD or DVD of the featured artist or tickets to an upcoming performance. The cost far exceeds the value, but, of course, it is a contribution. I think, as you suggest, I would prefer to buy the item outright at a more modest cost. We do, however, keep a membership to Public Television. We watch it too often to not.
    I am drawn to Jackie because we have a granddaughter that has an exceptional voice. I would love to introduce her to Jackie either with the DVD or to a concert.
    By the way, is the term “album” still in use? I think albums are those things I have piled in a box in my basement, which I treasure but I don’t have a turntable any more to play them.

  2. What about purchasing a copy of Jackie’s new album? It comes out Oct 2nd and its called Songs from the Silver Screen. Just a suggestion.

    1. PS. I don’t understand why sometimes when I reply to a comment, it shows up before the comment as above, which would be a little confusing to people reading. Alas, maybe this one will be in the wrong order, too.

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