No Time to Lollygag

Rats! The reason I was so looking forward to retirement is so that I could have time in the morning for my self-indulgent routine of reading, meditating, blogging, exercising, eating a healthy breakfast (the only meal I really do eat healthy) and straightening up the house and doing it all in a lilygag kind of way as though I were laying on a floaty thing in a blue pool. This morning I slept late and find there is no lollygagging. So what do I skip? I have decided not to skip my blog because of my commitment of 365 days writing every day. Even if it is only to say good morning to whomever out there did not sleep in and has time to lollygag in front of their computer.

2 thoughts on “No Time to Lollygag”

  1. Judy — I am glad you overslept! Maybe it is your body’s way of telling you it wanted more rest! 🙂

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