On the road again

It was a hot day in Colorado yesterday…99 degrees. When we left our son’s house, half the kids were laying around exhausted from their horse camp in the morning. The other half, the littler kids, came running in soaking wet for goodbye hugs after dousing themselves with the hose outside.

This morning, after breakfast at Best Western Motel in Walsenburg, CO, we will be turning west to drive into the Rockies. I am looking forward to the drive through this beautiful range. We plan to be in Taos, NM, in time for lunch.

Lugging a computer around with us is a new experience for Bernie and I. I was too  tired last night to play our usual game of “13” so Bernie had the computer to play his games while I crashed. I like being able to check in on facebook to see how family and friends are  doing.

This instant communication thing is really an amazing thing. Sitting around with folks, there are always lap tops and smart phones with texting going on. Or when something comes up in conversation, someone checks the internet for information. You can’t really make anything up anymore without someone fact checking you. There are aspects I like about this. Yesterday, when Bernie and I were  talking to Chris about the next leg of our trip, he hopped on line to check out motels. One of the laptops kept two of the littlest kids   busy while we were able clean the kitchen. Whenever Wendy was concerned about the location of a teen or even wantedto get family  members to come for supper, she could send a quick text.

I remember sitting with my daughter Kate one day and she was texting her daughter who was out on a date. It kind of blew my mind, a teenager texting her mother while out with her boyfriend.

Have a good one!


2 thoughts on “On the road again”

  1. I refuse to text. I have the most basic cell phone you can get today. It can be used to text but I have that option turned off so I cannot send or receive texts.

    1. Me, too. But I have to concede that I don’t have kids under my care any more. I can remember how it felt to have a teen go off into the night with friends and when midnight struck, I would go into immediate panic mode. How sweet it would have been to get a text that assured me that they were on their way.

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