Pet TV

Some guy in Israel has invented TV programming for dogs and cats. Other pet? Not yet, but surely this will come.

Some of the programming, it was reported, is designed to relieve pets of their anxieties. For example, let’s say your dog gets really crazy when you turn on the vacuum cleaner. Now some of us would use that as a perfect excuse not to vacuum. But now you can turn on doggie TV. There doggie will hear the sound of a vacuum cleaner, very low at first, then gradually it  gets louder and he gets used to it.

Another benefit of Pet TV is to help relieve pets of their loneliness when pet owners are gone. One doesn’t want an animal to get lonely. Have you ever seen what an animal can do to a house when they are left alone? This sounds like it could be a pretty good idea.

No doubt Kibbles and Bits are going to hear about this and start buying commercial time. The next thing you know, dogs and cats will start nagging their owners about the treats they prefer. We’ve been down this road before.

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