Pete and Joy’s

I am sitting in a local café with my computer on the table before me. I am a writer and want to look cool like those other writers who crank out their novels in these kinds of places. I decided to try writing at home but the connection is sooooo sloooooow out there to the point of driving me a little crazy. I have taken to cleaning my house or making dinner while I wait for something to come up on the internet. I never watch YouTube videos at  home – ever. There isn’t enough time in any one week to wait for it to load up.

I don’t know what I want to write. I suppose I could tell you about the little café I am sitting in. It is actually a bakery called “Pete and Joy’s”. Pete is known to be kind of grumpy and Joy is exactly as her name says. The front of the place is typical bakery with a long glass case full of wonderful sweet things on one side and shelves with breads and other goodies on the other. At the end there is an area where Joy sells beautiful Bavarian dishes and cookie jars. If you take a right, you enter the small eating area. The booths are old with stained glass dividers above the seats that I love because of the privacy they provide when I come here with a friend. The tables are small and seat only two to four people. The chairs are early 20th century with spindles and carved backing. They are cozy, remind me of my grandmother’s kitchen.

Toward the ceiling there is a rim that has a track on it and an adorable train that runs on it upon request. When I bring my grandson Jackson here, he gets all excited about the train. He runs around the dining area as the train goes around so that he can see it no matter what side of the room it is on.

I found that linking up to the internet here is fast…very satisfying. I shall return.