Poem About Stew

I never intentionally write poetry, but sometimes it just happens as I write my personal journal. Here is one I’d like to share with you:

I am like a stew thrown together
Meat, spices, vegetables – by handfuls –
Each having a flavor and meaning of their own.

A pot that is me
full of the daily nitty-gritty
chores, events, people,the touchables and the untouchables.

I have learned in my years
that, given time,
all blend together into “savory”.

Needed is time for the stew to stew,
This is the great tribulation.

2 thoughts on “Poem About Stew”

  1. There once was a man named Stu
    Who concocted a fabulous brew
    as he added the hops,
    He said “Judy is tops”
    I couldn’t do “stew” like you do.

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