Political Discourse

I was talking to a friend yesterday about where I have come in terms of politics. “The candidates are missing the mark. They never seem to get to the real causes of our society’s ills,” I said. My friend and I were talking about the deeper causes of world problems, all multiplications of basic human problems: selfishness, dishonesty, self-seeking, and fear. These maladies destroy marriages, contaminate businesses and churches (any organizations) and are the underlying causes of war.  When I listen to pur political leaders speak, I sense these character defects and I feel helpless.

I am a person who has learned that the only thing I have control of is myself. When we change, those around us may change as well, often by attraction. Sometimes they change because we were the cause of their bad attitude in the first place and our changing frees them to change.

So is there no room for political discourse? I think there is. I just am not sure where to begin. I do know that blaming and distortion are not getting us anywhere.