Pray as you Go

Prayer is one of those things you can do just anytime, anywhere:

Driving through the middle of New Mexico, I see the haze over the mountains on the horizon and I said a prayer for the fire fighters who are fighting to saves homes in the mountains. 

I saw the road workers who seemed to be planting shrubs in the median and I thanked God for the beauty they were bringing for the travelers.
In the motel that morning there was a jar in the dining room for tips for the person who set up our breakfast and I thanked God for the person who thought to do that. In the past, we have only thought to show monetary appreciation for the person who made our bed.
When we found ourselves following one of those two level car carriers, I thanked God for the person who made the chains that hold the cars in place…man, I really appreciate that person’s dedication to doing a good job.
At a stop, we noted the market where fruits and vegetables were being sold…I thanked God for the bounty and the work of the farmers.
At a rest stop, I noted a child putting his trash into the cans provided…that time I thanked the child for keeping things beautiful.
My granddaughter had mentioned to me that she saw a woman who was carrying around an oxygen tank. I said, “Oh, I am so grateful to the person who invented those little tanks. Years ago, a person with breathing problems would have had to stay home. Now they can go anywhere they want.”
Oh, am so grateful for people who see flaws on bridges and make sure that they are repaired. I thanked God for those  people who will shut down a mining company rather than let them continue to put their workers at risk.
I thought to thank God for all the judges and lawyers who know when someone should have a second chance or when a second chance could mean a death sentence.
I looked around and prayed for the truckers who miss their families.  These are the ones who will honk when a child pumps his arm in the front seat of a passing car.
I prayed for people who don’t know when to stop eating or drinking or playing a game at a casino. I thanked God for people who understand what that is like and help those people.
I have been known to thank God for interruptions. Sometimes I think it is God’s way of saying, “Not thy will, but Mine.”
I thank God for all of you folks who walk about the world thinking good thoughts instead of bad ones and doing helpful deeds instead of harmful ones.

Today we head out into the White Mountains. I am grateful already for the creative way that God threw this earth together!

Be grateful today…it increases beauty.

An addendum. This morning a friend sent me an e-mail with this link. It is a meditation led by Sylvia Boorstien who wrote a book that my spirituality book club read recenlty. May it bless you: