Private Dissertations

I’ve written before about what blogging has meant for me. Most benefits have been related to my writing and that continues. But there is another thing occurring that my readers would not know unless I told them. I am gaining courage. I write things in my blog that used to be totally private. It is becoming more and more common for me to simply write here what I had written in my journal in the morning. I do edit, though. If I have a complaint about my husband Bernie, when I transfer my thoughts to the blog, I might refer to him as “the guy down the street” that “I once knew years ago” in “a town we used to live in on the other side of the world.” You get the drift.

This morning, I wrote about a belief I have. When I got to the end of my private dissertation, I wrote: “Dare I write this in my blog? I’ll make note of it and maybe…someday.” So, while I have come a long way, there is still a few things I don’t have the courage to share all.

We are having our carpeting washed today and Bernie is moving furniture out all around me. Me and my desk are pretty much all that is left. Have to go.

PS. We talked to our granddaughter in Australia a little while ago via skype. It is Tuesday there. We asked her what kind of day Monday was and she said, “Very nice.” It is good to know ahead of time what kind of day we are going to have.