Same Page – Really?

Have you ever had a conversation with someone that you came away feeling like you were in complete agreement about something, only to find out later that that other person didn’t really agree with you at all? This has happened to me in my home, my work, in just about any area of my life. It baffles me how I can be so…so what? Ignorant, stupid, unattentive, naive? Not sure what that makes me.

I have been thinking about the reasons why this happens. One might be that in a given situation, the other person isn’t sure what they think and they go along with you because they really haven’t had a chance to articulate in their own heads what they believe.

Another possibility is that they don’t really care. I think this is sometimes the case when the other person fails to do what I thought they agreed they should do. They just never get around to doing that thing because it wasn’t important enough to remember. It was, in effect, a task related to my agenda, not theirs.

Or perhaps it is a situation in which the other person has too low of a self-esteem to tell you that they don’t really agree with you. Maybe they are afraid of what you will think of them. If this is case, then I am sorry for that person. I hope they come to a place where they can speak what they truly feel without fear.


2 thoughts on “Same Page – Really?”

  1. Another possibility — you possbly misunderstood what they were saying??? This may not fit, but it came to mind… Nancy K.

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