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I read all of the spam mail before I delete it. At first, it was the only mail I got. Then, it seemed the comments were so positive, it was hard to delete them. Guru Chris said, “Let it go, Mom. They just want a way into your blog to serve their own purposes.” My blogging friend, Mary, told me that when a comment refers to a specific thing you said in a blog, that is probably not spam. That was hugely helpful. After that I noticed that none of the spam comments were specific. In fact, they would say things that were totally inappropriate. After one of my silly blogs, a spammer might comment: “Very thoughtful. I find this information very useful.” If this person actually read the blog they were referring to, I wouldn’t want them as a fan anyway. I accept only interesting guests.

Every so often a spammer will comment on a blog entitled: “Sample Page”. I went into my archives and there is no such blog. I can’t figure out what they are referring to. I have such a  page in Word which is the page I created to practice all the skills I was trying to master while I was working through “Microsoft Word ’07 for Dummies”. Maybe there is one I created for the blog, too. Anyway, by the comments, “Sample Page” may be  one of the most thought provoking, humorous, spiritual, earthy, insightful and helpful blog I have written. so far.

Hey! Now I have a blog entitled “Sample Page”. Come and get it, you spammers!

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  1. I don’t get comments from spammers on my blog, maybe I’m doing something wrong. I’m using Google’s free blogging application, blogspot. I’m thinking of switching to Word Press in the next few months.

    1. How is it that you are reading my blog and I am not reading yours? I checked out your name looking and found a couple of options. Help me out here. I’d love to see it.

    2. Elizabeth, Google has spam protection that is very good, which is why Blogger does great. Mom has Akismet plugin for WordPress that gets the job done. She could choose at any time to stop going into her interesting spam folder and reading all those nice notes from Chinese and Nigerian men. That’s up to her.

      BTW, Michael Hyatt just posted an excellent article on going to WordPress. Check it out at I pretty much did the exact same thing for Mom’s blog.

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