Sluggist Computer

When I complained to my blog guru about how difficult it is to get an internet connection and how slow the processes are, he said, “Move.”

It should have been a red flag 13 years ago when I couldn’t get my cell phone to work when our house was under construction. It was my first cell phone and I’d purchased it so that I could call Bernie from the building sight. I was never able to answer the subcontractors’ questions about what I wanted them to do about one thing or another so I wanted to be able to consult the other person who would be living in the house with me. But there was no signal to be had. So I went back to the store and complained. The sales person took the phone to see if he could get it to work. Of course, it did. “But it won’t work when I try to use it where we are building our house.” I said. He said he couldn’t help me. That is the first time I ever told a salesperson that I’d like to speak to his supervisor. I wasn’t trying to get the guy in trouble. I just thought he was an idiot.

The supervisor knew how to check the log of my phone calls somehow and could clearly see that I’d had only about two minutes of successful phone conversation in the month I’d owned the phone. Then he checked the location of our house and found there was no satellite that could transmit the signal. He refunded my money. As I was leaving the store, I told the salesman that it is sometimes better to admit you don’t have all the answers to a customer’s questions and get the help they need.

Today, our cell phones work pretty darned well. But, appearantly my computer has more growing up to do.