I walked out this morning, my cup of coffee in hand, into the field that fronts our property. The sun was up already. I am having trouble keeping track of her schedule.

There was a slight dampness in the air and a familiar spring aroma. I stopped to greet the lilacs. We’ve not had much luck with the lilac bushes that edge our land. There is a lilac bush that grows against the side of our house, however, that is flourishing. I think lilac bushes are codependent. They need some other plant or structure nearby before they will really show their stuff. What I notice this morning is that the pine trees we planted in the field near the lilacs are really getting large. These trees Bernie started as little seedlings in pots and later transferred to the field. The lilacs seem to be gaining courage to blossom with the pines there. They are still shy, however. The size of their clusters are small but there are lots of them and the green is rich and thick. I won’t cut any of the flowers from the field lilacs. I can get a couple of bouquets from the self-confident bush next to the house.

Lilacs, to me, are the robins of the plant world. They are the first of the blooms that compose the bouquets of flowers that adorn my kitchen table. Once they arrive, I know that the rest will follow.

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  1. I loved this post! The thought of a shy or self-confident lilac bush makes me smile.

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