I am helping my daughter with a fundraiser for the nonprofit for which she works, Visual Arts Minnesota. The event is entitled “Speakeasy” with the theme carried through the foods chosen for the dinner, costumes from the 20’s and 30’s, centerpieces using depression glass, musicians playing period music, even cars from that era sitting at the curb in front of the restaurant. Bernie and I are working with her on the silent auction. We had a planning meeting yesterday at the restaurant where the event will be held. As we talked, I realized the type of event we are dealing with here. This is to be an event with class!

This morning I am thinking about what I will wear to the event and the clothes hanging in my closet. There is a dress that I bought in Arizona and two wrap-around skirts which barely qualify for dressy let alone elegant. I think she would like to see Bernie and I dressed somewhat for the era.

This started me wondering what exactly is my style. There is rarely a day that you won’t see me in a t-shirt and jeans and sneakers. Dressing up usually means jeans of a color other than the blue variety and a shirt that might be scooped or have a collar or turtle neck. I always have two pairs of sneakers in my possession. One that is worn and a newer pair that I buy when worn gets too worn. The newer pair is what I call my dressy shoes. My hair is as straight as a bow string and I never fuss with it other than to pull it back in a clip or pony tail. I wear earrings and, when pressed to dress up for an affair, what hangs from my lobes is usually the dressiest part of me. I haven’t worn make-up since Heidi’s wedding because it makes my skin break out. I really don’t know what you would call this. Easy? Comfortable? Layed-back? Is this even considered a style?

My hope is that Heidi will choose a different theme each year for her fundraiser and next year she might consider “hoedown” or “hippie generation”. Then I won’t have to worry about what to wear. Everyone else will.