The Multiplication of the Loaves and the Fishes

Bernie and Judy have in their freezer the free turkey they got last Christmas using Coburn’s turkey card and six pounds of ground beef from the ¼ cow they bought last fall. From the garden they take tomatoes, onions, green peppers, potatoes and cucumbers. On Friday, at Sam’s Club they buy hotdogs, brats, buns, taco chips to make tacos in a bag and bacon for potato salad, 2 large cantaloupe, syrup,  cinnamon bagels and four pounds of butter for corn.

Saturday morning Judy cooks the turkey and takes the meat off the bone. Chris and Wendy come with ham and bologna, wraps and chips and a slew of little cracker and granola treats. Paula and Jim stop by with dilly bars and venison sausage.

Sunday morning, on the way to the resort Chris and Wendy pay $6 for one dozen ear of corn. Bernie and Judy pick up three dozen for $3.88 and lettuce. Mary Ann brings two watermelon and cucumbers from her garden. Heather brings tomatoes, zucchini, pickled eggs, sweet dill pickles, dill slices and two pounds of ground beef. Kate makes a Mexican bean soup that is to die for. At night everyone sits around the campfire and eat s’mores.

Chris and Wendy go to the store and buy ice cream, pop, and candy, milk, buns, sour kraut, pancake batter and more ketchup than one could ever imagine, three humongous bags of sugar cereal, and six dozen eggs. Meanwhile Kate and Madison bake a red velvet cake. Later Heather, Wendy, and MaryAnn go fishing with Micah, Noah and Tanner and bring back a stringer full of blue gill. Judy makes a broccoli salad and slices up tomatoes and cucumbers. Everybody eats and celebrate three birthdays: Madison, Noah, and Hannah. Then all go to bed except the kids who go swimming at midnight.

The next morning, Wendy and Heather go out fishing again with the boys and Lydia whips up a batch of doughnut dough while the grandmothers try to watch the little kids. Heidi makes her BLT salad, Judy heats up the turkey and Kate deep-fries pickles, zucchini slices and fish. Chris slices the watermelon and makes tartar sauce while the boys clean the new fish. Priscilla gets stung by a bee that was after her watermelon slice and everyone spits their seeds into the grass. No one is afraid to try the pickled egg! They only eat the turkey sandwiches because the fish is taking too long. MaryAnn swats flies.

Wendy feeds the baby while Chris takes a nap. Judy and Bernie take a nap while Lydia finishes making her doughnuts and Heather goes out for one more hour of fishing before she leaves. Tanner knows how to clean them now because Jerry taught him last night.

This is our progress so far. I will keep you posted.

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