The Noble Son and His Brother

There is humor in this election season. I have to dig for it, though. Or maybe I just have to shut off the intense thinking that just goes round and round in circles and listen.

There was a news story yesterday about Romney’s son who said he wanted to jump out into the middle of the debate the other night and punch the president after he implied that Romney is a liar. That wasn’t the funny part. His brother was then quoted: “I have been hit by my brother,” he said. “And, believe me; the president has nothing to worry about.”

I follow some of the threads on my Facebook from both conservative friends and family and liberal. One such thread was about the truth/non-truth of what the candidates are saying during the campaign. “So,” wrote one person, “When my candidate says something untrue, it is a lie, a deliberate attempt to fool the American people. But when your candidate does it, he is just trying to emphasize a point.” The author of the comment before this one got befuddled. “I wish there were a third party candidate.”

I laughed as I read it, but really, is this crazy or what?

2 thoughts on “The Noble Son and His Brother”

  1. I wish there were real-time bipartisan fact checkers during the debate. When the one of them says something untrue, a buzzer with a red light would go off.

    It is very scary what is happening with this election. No matter who wins, half the country is going to be unhappy.

    It’s maddening watching both sides lie and spread the lies. I can’t wait for it to be over. There are people on my Facebook that think Obama is the next Hitler. There are others that think Romney is going to set women’s rights back 50 years. It’s just amazing. People don’t understand that our President does not have that much power.

    1. Wow! You came to the same conclusion that I have. The power of the presidency is what I have been awakening to…or lack of power. Gas prices is one example. I guess if there is any good in all this it is that some voices that haven’t been heard before are starting to bubble up to the top. When we start asking questions like how much power does the president really have, maybe elections won’t feel so scary. My sense is that no matter who wins the election, the president will be able to achieve only a small amount of whatever it is he said he would do. And if the way the country is going shifts…it will come back in the other direction later. The part that gives me hope is that common citizens are starting to realize this. I think the communications boom that we are in, while it can spread fear and lies, can also spread common sense. Thank you so much for writing.

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