The Writer in Me

A friend of mine celebrated her 1,000th post on her blog. I didn’t realize that this was a reason to celebrate. I have 132 posts, so I have a way to go to match her accomplishment. I wonder if I have that much to say to the world.

I started the blog because I believed I have a message and other bloggers told me that writing a blog would improve my writing. I think it has. My son told me that the books he and his wife have written were begun on their blog. I am still waiting for my book to surface.

Some of the books I have thought to write:
– my version of the life of Jesus
– a parenting book for grandparents
– a collection of stories about old people
– my philosophy of life
– my observations about nature
– growing up in Chicago
– my mother’s story of recovery
– a book about simple living
– a book about making peace
– a children’s book about…anything

I will let you know when my book comes out.

One thought on “The Writer in Me”

  1. Judy, I have told you how I admire your courage and integrity in your blog adventure. I have also told you that you have true talent. I have no doubt you will grow into a book author.
    I have read posts on all subjects you listed except one, and that is your mother’s recovery from alcoholism. Maybe I missed it/them. I would love to hear your thoughts about this…
    Love you! Nancy K.

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