Thoughts on blogging

I am starting to get comments on my blog. So far very few people know about it, so it surprises me that I should get comments from people I don’t know or don’t recognize. Like one is from Nancy. I know about a dozen Nancys, if you can believe that. So I am looking for some hint as to which one commented on the blog. Another is from “ouiji board”. It includes a scripture passage followed by the word “clue”. I guess that means I should go read the scripture and then I will figure out who the writer is. I will do that later.

Experienced bloggers probably don’t worry about things like this. Am I supposed to answer the people who write on my blog? That feels a little like Facebook, which I have to tell you, I find really annoying. It is like having a party line. For you younger folks that was how telephones first started. People shared their phone lines (actual cords that were stretched from house to house). So if you were talking on the phone to your boyfriend, your neighbor could listen in. I do go to Facebook, however, because it is the only way to know what members of my family are doing.

Blogging feels like journaling then throwing that out to the world, very dangerous.

Blogging feels like writing the first draft of a book and every 3-4 hundred words throwing it out to the world for instant editing. Very dangerous.

Blogging feels like thinking out loud and everybody in the world hearing me. (Wasn’t there a movie out recently with that scenerio?) Very, very dangerous.

If any of you bloggers out there have suggestions, I am open. Meanwhile, I will continue to share bits and pieces of my journal, parts of the book that I may be writing and some of my thoughts.

Today is Sunday. Do you remember that song from the play, “Flower Drum Song”: “Sunday, sweet Sunday, my one day with you.” Wouldn’t that be a great song to sing at the beginning of church service?

6 thoughts on “Thoughts on blogging”

  1. Oh, and by the way, the ouiji board guy (or gal?) was a spammer. So I loaded an anti-spam plugin to your blog. I guess you’re getting popular because the spammers are posting. =)

  2. Blogging fits you, Mom, because you ARE dangerous! In a good way. You challenge the reader in a healthy, productive way. I’m loving it.

    Yes, it is appropriate to answer people who post on your blog. It’s as if you read a piece in front of an audience, and the audience responds. So go ahead and respond by hitting “reply” by any of the comments you get.

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