Time changes

Those of you who have been following my blog already know that I like to greet the sun in the morning. To do so, I have to walk down the driveway a bit to circumvent the trees that hide our house from the road. There I can see the sun rise above a treeline out beyond my neighbor’s fields. Now, from that position beyond the trees, I can also see the county road that passes between his fields while I watch the sky change from one magnificent color to another until, finally, the sun peaks up over the horizon. Sometimes I am fooled. I see a bright spot, believing it to be the sun, then the sun comes up and I realize the first light was not really the sun. Actually, I see this as a metaphor for my experience of God.

If you are a sun or moon watcher or a gazer of stars, you probably pay attention to the change of times of each day’s beginnings and ending. Today I will be standing out on my driveway at 7:04 am. In about a month I will be going out to watch the rising about half an hour earlier. I’ve been doing this for a few years, so I’ve come to realize that, depending on the time of day…and year…the parade of vehicles changes. In a few days I will be waving at the school bus going to the town south and east of us. In a  month or so, the bus that carries children to the town north will be passing.

Buses have pretty set schedules, but so do workers. I see the familiar red truck that drives over the snowy road in February. A couple of months later I will see the white van with the words “Geyer’s Garage Door” emblazened on its side. For a week or two, I will see my son-in-law drive by to drop my grandson off at the neighbor’s day care. I will know if he is running late. He always beeps his horn when he sees me. Sometimes, I get beeps from other passers, too.

I wonder what these passengers think I am doing out there in the cold or with the mosquitoes. Maybe they don’t think about it. But I think about them. I have a little prayer I always say as they pass: “Blessings on you and your family and everyone you serve today.”

For those of you passing by my blog today, blessings on you and your family and everyone you serve today.

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