Just One Thing

Bernie and I are at my daughter’s resort today. (go to www.birchhavenresort.com if you are interesed in checking it out.) Today is a work day. I will be going to the laundromat with my daughter, Kate, to wash sheets and rugs. Later I will be working on fixing some sheets that she bought last fall (They were a really good deal but didn’t perfectly fit the beds). These two activities are on my list as well as a few of routine tasks.

As I journaled this morning, I thought of how insignificant my agenda is compared to the larger agenda God has for me. My list of things to do each day can contain a few or twenty tasks, but God’s list is but just one thing and it is the same every day: love. When my list feels overwhelming, I think of Jesus’ statement “The yoke I give you is easy.” I think he meant that it is all really quite simple. We complicate it by worrying about how much we need to do or overwhelm ourselves as we consider our multiple responsibilities. But Jesus teaches that there is just this one thing: love one another.

To be honest, I know I will probably forget this today. But I am getting better.

One thought on “Just One Thing”

  1. Wow, I really needed this reminder this morning. I have a very significant meeting this afternoon. I’m leading a group of six directors, who is leading a group of sixty staff, who is running a tournament of 600 students, who will be bringing their family and friends. Thousands will be touched with this awesome event. Overwhelming, when I dwell on it.

    But Jesus says, “Take it easy.” And I follow.

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