I continue to be inspired by the book, Radical Wisdom, but I will take a break from writing about it. Yikes! Sometimes I get weary of my own thinking. Smoke starts to come out of my ears. I can imagine what happens to readers of this blog. And such an offense to the Creator who is right now painting such beautiful landscapes outdoors.

When Bernie and I bought our property, a portion of it was being used by a neighbor farmer for planting. Bernie’s first investment was to level the surface and plant wild grasses. In years since, he has put in numerous trees, mostly pine and maple. With the variations of weather, only the most hardy have survived. It is exciting to see the height of the pines and these mornings to enjoy the brilliance of the maples. I am full of gratitude for his work in planting. The job I took on was to bring water out to the young trees. I used to bring large buckets that I pulled in a wagon and use a smaller bucket to scoop portions for each planting. It sometimes would take me a couple of hours to do the work. We’ve lost a lot of the original trees to drought, but many have survived and the area looks wonderful, like the start of a little park.

My grandchildren, Charlie, Ana, and Jackson gave me placemats that they made by pressing colorful leaves between two sheets of wax paper. What a sweet birthday gift!