Tutorial on Pictures

Chris is working with me in the wee hours…I am learning how to put pictures on my post…lucky you.

Tabatha finishing her hunter safety course

I just gave you a picture of my granddaughter directly from my son’s family blog. Neat, huh!

How I put a picture on  my clipboard: I put my arrow on the picture, right clicked the pic and my options came up. I hit “properties” and a dropbox showed up. I  put my curser into the address place and tripple clicked…and the picture address off my son’s website showed up. Then I right clicked and hit “copy”. Now the picture is on my clipboard.

The clipboard holds the last thing I copied. It will stay there until I paste it elsewhere or I copy something else.

How I move the picture from my clipboard onto my web page.  I go to my dashboard. Click “add new post”. I place the curser on the little camera and a dialogue box comes up. click “add media”. Across the top I choose “URL”. I place the curser in the URL box and hit control V. Now the link of the picture is there. Place cursor in the “Title box. Type in the name I choose. The rest of the options are optional. “Image caption” is the title that shows up on my web page below the picture. The “Title” is the name I choose so I can find the picture in my file.

To place the picture where I want it on my webpage, I choose from options: left, right, center, none.

Here are some pictures I copied from other sites for practice.


On the left is a lovely picture I took off of my granddaughter, Cynthia’s blog. I named it “rock”, though I don’t remember what she named it. It is a fantasy picture, I believe, really thought provoking, kind of meditative.

This was a practice in placing a picture on the left of my page.

Wendy at a conference

The Picture above is of my daughter-in-law, Wendy (center) at a conference, looking more interested than the lady on the right.


This concludes the first lesson in how to include pictures onto my blog. The next lesson I will actually place my own pictures, maybe even a picture of myself.


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