This morning, our local Habitat for Humanity is hosting a fundraiser, a ladies’ brunch. I have been wanting to attend it since it started a few years ago because it is known to be a really creative event. My friend, Nancy, said she also wanted to check it out, so we decided to go together, and we bought our tickets. About a week ago Nancy called me and said, “I don’t remember volunteering to help with the event but the director called me and told me to come early to help set up for the luncheon.” I thought this was no surprise because everybody knows that my friend is “Miss Volunteer extraordinaire”. It was only natural for the Habitat director to assume she was volunteering to help.

Yesterday, the director called me to tell me to come to the luncheon 1 1/2 hours early. Oh my God! She thinks I volunteered to help, too! I will be there, along with my friend Nancy doing whatever.

In my working life, I had to coordinate many large and small events. Getting volunteers was a big part of that and it is not easy. I wish I had known about this technique back then.

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3 Responses to Volunteering

  1. annie-c says:

    Haha… great technique – hope the lunch was fun!

    • Judy says:

      Lots. And being part of the helping crew made it especially fun. Maybe there should be a bumper sticker: “Volunteers have all the fun.”

  2. Judy S says:

    Did you have fun at the luncheon?

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