Voting Tuesday

When I write about political issues on my blog, I try to take the high road. I have in the past latched on to candidates running for office almost to the point where I saw them as saviors. I suppose it is just my age but I am tired of letting people stir me up over things that later seem not to matter. Issues of importance are never really solved because the problem behind all of our problems is the human condition and that is always with us. Again and again, I have watched as candidates find themselves in the office they sold their soul to get and then are not able to do what they’d promised. I have watched issues resolve themselves in the messiest of ways much too slowly to please any of us.

This is something I have learned: the more our political views are tied to a political personality the more short-sighted it is.

I have got to stop this cynicism and try to believe in the goodness of people instead of the badness. After all, those people running for office have some good qualities and they have hope, even if it is naïve hope. They will get something done even if it is meager compared to what they want to get done. I doubt that anyone would run for office if they focused on what they cannot do. Today I commit to seeing the positive…

I look forward to voting Tuesday. I vote in a little Quonset hut in the middle of a corn field in the middle of the township in the middle of the county in the middle of the state which is, as a matter of fact, in the middle of the country. (The country, by the way, is not the center of the world no matter what Americans want to believe.) The election judges are neighbors who I only see at election time. I have brought pumpkin bread which I guess might be illegal, but they take it willingly. There is no bakery next door where they can run to get a snack.

2 thoughts on “Voting Tuesday”

  1. I totally love your last paragraph…right down to the illegal pumpkin bread and voting in the middle of a cornfield in the middle of the country. And I very much appreciate your reminder to look at the goodness in people instead of the badness. It is a good reminder to have as this election comes closer.

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