When I don’t know

In yesterday’s blog, I made reference to The Shrine of the Stations of the Cross. I am schooled in theology and there are things I know. But there are more things that I sort of know, perhaps things I once knew but got lost from lack of use. For example, I think I know that the Resurrection of Jesus is not one of the original stations of the cross. I think I know that it was added later. I am not quite sure, but I didn’t want my lack of knowledge to get in the way of my getting my blog out before breakfast in the Best Western Motel in Sante Fe, NM. Sometimes, I am lazy and don’t want to spend all day checking for information that hardly anybody has interest in. An example of this is when I wrote about Lucy’s Cafe the other day: it is not in Nebraska but in Colorado. The maps were in the car, you see. Noone corrected me, perhaps to be polite or to write me off as ignorant or they just did not care.

Often I do check my information, but if I am in the most ignorant mode, I probably won’t. That is the mode of people who think they know but don’t…the most dangerous of all. The other modes are: people who don’t know and know that they don’t know; people who know and don’t know that they know; and, people who know and know that they know.

Please, those of you who do know, feel free to correct me when I throw out an incorrect piece of information. I am old enough to find standing corrected a relief.