Woman at the Well

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to spend time with a woman who is learning about herself. As I listened, it seemed that I was learning about myself at the same time. As she shared her troubles with me, I shared my own with her. I think she began to feel less lonely. The experience makes me think of the story of Jesus when he met the woman at a well while on his way home one day. She gave him water to quench his thirst. He listened to her story and shared his reflections with her. Like when water is given to a thirsty plant, her leaves began to open up.  That is what sharing with a friend is about.

2 thoughts on “Woman at the Well”

  1. Judy, I’ve had house guests the past 2 weeks and have not been reading my e-mail until today. I really appreciate your sharing, especially your thughts on Radical Wisdom and your comments about how the candidates did NOT talk about caring for the poor. You and I have many of the same interests and values.
    Thanks for sharing. Joyce

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