Writing Every Day

Anyone who is following my blog may realize that there are days when I say a lot about nothin’. There is a reason for that. I read in a book for aspiring writers that a writer should write every day. And I have also read that once the pen hits the paper, the message may start to emerge, but it won’t if the pen never hits the paper. Believing the experienced ones who gave this advice, blogging seemed to be the perfect vehicle for me to do both: write every day and let the message come.

There are days when there doesn’t seem to be any message, like today. Other days, something quite amazing happens, like yesterday. I walked up to my computer yesterday afternoon totally crabby because of the mess in my basement and as I wrote, the truth came out. That truth was that whatever my grandchildren were doing I totally did when I was a kid. Writing helped me to ease off, take a deep breath, and even smile a little. But the purpose of my blogging is not to change my attitude. It is to get the pen going and see what happens. A changed attitude is frosting on the cake; that could be my attitude or yours.

I guess I have a lot to say and I hope I have some interesting ways to say what I have to say. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

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    1. Wow! Thanks for that. I put the site in my favorites. It would be good goal and knowing it is coming would be a great motivator for me to gather info so I am ready.

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