The Conference

I am heading up north this weekend to the Minnesota Northwoods Writers Conference. I don’t know whether I will be able to blog. I may find myself with assignments to keep me busy. The last time I went in ’07, we had to read the work of our fellows as they read ours. That may have been the option of the instructor, author Dan O’Brien. I don’t know what will happen this time. I do know that I am in a totally different place this time. I am the race car that has had its engine repaired and tuned and is revving my engine, but I need a map of the track.  My mind goes in too many directions. Even this morning, I thought of something I’d like to write about. Another choice of where to go with my writing and each choice has its own process, I suspect.

“Participate, don’t anticipate”, I was once told at a retreat. At the time, the message that would have been more pointed for me is “stop analyzing and let the spirit flow.” I was in dire need of a heavy dose of humility. But this time, the first saying is what I need.

With that, I am off into my day. The race car driver has to wait for the flag to drop.

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