A Blogger’s Sluggish Thoughts

The other day, my son Chris listed on his blog the blogs he has launched or manages. I sometimes forget that he authored this blog. When I set it up, he was doing stuff on his computer throughout all the steps. I don’t understand the connect but I am perfectly okay that there is one.

I wish I were a better student. If I were, there would definitely be pictures on my blog. After 19 months, I have lost any fans who care about pictures which is fine with me. I am a word person anyway. If and when I write my book, it won’t have any pictures in it either.

My blog serves is a journal for me. I am not as intimate or as vulnerable in my blog as in my real journal, but I share more than I ever thought I would. This has been one of the bonuses of this experience…a big one!

Rarely do I get any flack from readers. Anyone who has taken issue with my words usually had a point or two that I agreed with, so I usually responded by naming the points of agreement. That would drive away anyone who gets their thrills on controversy. No fun at all.

I don’t try to defend myself. I see things the way I see them and believe what makes sense to me today. I tend to afford others the same freedom I take for myself. It isn’t that I wouldn’t like to influence others. There are some ways of thinking and believing that find expression in some pretty bizarre behavior. If the world is to change for the better, then some people need to change the way they think. I don’t believe that I have much control over that but I am willing to do my part…which is one reason I write the blog in the first place.

My beliefs tend to be somewhat conditional and can change as my life experiences change. I suppose that would make it hard for readers to figure out what my blog is about or what I am about.  I do have some central beliefs. I believe in the golden rule, for example. I try to live it.

Every so often, I go to Chris’s blog to see if mine is still listed there as a link. Some days I worry that I have written something that will ruin his reputation. Maybe when people read something I have written that seems to contradict what he writes they will be inspired by his tolerance. Or maybe, the people who see his blog as a link on mine will be inspired by my tolerance.

Blog on…


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