A Pot of Soup and A Commitment

A comment to my blog of yesterday came from my son, Chris, who worked with me a year ago to get this blog underway. He suggested that I make a new commitment to have a book ready for publication by this time next year. I actually have done so, but this morning I put it in writing.

Today I will be helping some people do some  cleaning of a meeting space that we frequent. I said I would bring a pot of soup that Bernie is now busily preparing in the kitchen. Unlike myself, my significant other likes to get into the day with some action. I prefer parking in my rocker for a couple of hours reading, usually something of a spiritual nature, and writing in my journal. This morning, when he made reference to the recipe card and canned goods that I had set on the kitchen counter last night, I said, “Would you like to make the soup for me?” “Yes,” he said. I was delighted…and went back to my reading. I like this arrangement.

How does cream of tomato basil soup sound?