A Year of Bogging

One year ago tomorrow I set out to write one blog every day for a year. I have missed only 3, I believe, always for good cause. Tomorrow I begin a new project. My blog guru told me when I began that blogs can be placed into categories. Since I had no clue what I would be writing back then, he applied just one category to all my writings – life. Now I want to introduce a few more categories and go back and put the blogs into these categories. If a book emerges, I will be delighted.

I have asked myself why I want to write a book, why the blog site isn’t enough for me to share my thoughts with the world. The fact is, “the world” is not a fit description of those who read my blog. I am thinking that on a good day maybe fifty people will visit my blog site. I’ve never promoted my blog. Popularity isn’t important to me. The blog was about committing to writing every day with the hopes that something would change inside of me, to break me out of my life-long writer’s block. Writers need to write like doodlers need to doodle and cooks need to mess the kitchen. But some writers, like their doodling and cooking counterparts, have something they need to share with the world. This is what drives me to want to write a book which I hope will reach a wider slice of the world. You might know what I mean if you have ever understood something that you wish others could understand.

But I also like the idea of a book. I have read thousands of books in my lifetime. As I sit here in my living room, I am surrounded by cases full of books, many of which contain my notations. I have come to love some authors as though they were my personal friends. Writing a book is like adding my two cents to an ongoing conversation.

In the next day or two I will share with you what I have learned from this project. Today and tomorrow are busy for me, but this is the stuff that composes what I write about. Have a good one!

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  1. This is so awesome, Mom. Your web guru should set this next goal for next January: have a book ready to publish. Your content is great enough for that.

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