Adding Categories

A friend sat down with me the other day to show me how to add categories to my blog writings. I have been putting all my blogs from the beginning under one category: life. It is pretty general, don’t you think? Every blog I have written is about life…mine in particular. But this doesn’t make it easy for me if I want to find that book hidden in my string of blogs.

This morning I tried for the first time to do what my friend had instructed me to do. I managed to add a second category but then I couldn’t put my first blog into that category. I had to call my son to help me figure out what I was doing wrong. As it turned out, there was one more little box I am supposed to check to complete the process. As soon as he said it, I remembered that my friend had told me this but I hadn’t written it down.

I can’t understand why I do this. I have pages and pages of notes from workshops I have attended on using my computer or books I have studied. But whenever I sit down to actually do the tasks, I find myself unable to make things work. I either missed writing down a detail or I find I don’t understand something I thought I understood when the teacher was speaking.

I have a very basic cell phone. It doesn’t have the added features of being able to go to my Facebook or send e-mails or check out the internet. Let me tell you, I have no desire to update to a phone that does. By the time I am able to figure the thing out it will be five steps obsolete.