I will be going up to my daughter’s home…the resort I have written about in past blogs. I will be staying with my granddaughters while Kate and her husband, Jerry, take their first vacation together since they married 7 years ago. The girls are teens and don’t really need me, but when parents are so far away, I think it is good to have an adult close at hand that could step up the plate in an emergency. Besides, I like the idea of getting away in the middle of winter. I have friends that I have made during our times at the resort that I want to connect with.

Birch Haven Resort is not a winter place, so there are no guests to be concerned for. For the most part, I see this as a retreat. There are a lot of responsibilities here at home with a Boys & Girls Club fundraiser coming up. I like the idea that I can set that a side for a while, out of sight and out of mind.

Our house is torn apart. We are painting our bedroom and will have new carpeting installed tomorrow. Our bed is set up in the middle of our living room. I love it there. We have a wood burning stove there and it is wonderful to sleep in the room with the stove. Actually, I think I could live in a one-room house…that is another story. I am leaving Bernie with the responsibility of overseeing the carpet installation and putting all the furniture  back. Is that good timing, or what?

If you are starting to think about next summer’s vacation…and that is a good antidote to cabin fever…consider Birch Haven. Here is the place you can learn about it: www.birchhavenresort.com