Books are Packed and Ready to Go

I packed for my trip yesterday, so all of the books I am reading were unattainable this morning. I entertained myself reading about the Sadducee and the Sanhedrin in Harper’s Bible Dictionary. Crazy – huh! I really don’t know why these things interest me so. But I realize that all of the years I have been reading the gospels, I have never really understood who these people were. All I knew was that John the Baptist and Jesus didn’t speak highly of them. It really boosted my ego, though, to toss the words around like I am really smart. I read a little about the Pharisees, too. Did you know that they were the forerunners of the rabbis? I don’t personally have any rabbi friends but I have read the writings of a few that I wish were my friends. Makes me think that the pharisees might have gotten a bit of a bad wrap in the bible.

I am off to the southwest today. I may not be doing much blogging. We’ll see. I am proud of myself for packing all I need in a carry-on and my purse, including a few books. The thing I love about traveling is not having to do any housework and there are few interruptions to my reading and looking. The thing I dread is sitting on the plane too long. I know I can get up and walk around but, really, what kind of walking around is that? I wish I were friendlier…I could chat with the people as I pass them. ¬†That would make for some good blogging.

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