Breaking the Rules

At the Minnesota Northwoods Writer’s Conference, author Ron Carlson admonished the participants to “stay in the room” when writing. Avoid going to our social media until after we have done the work, he said. Write before doing the laundry and don’t give in to the temptation to leave to get another cup of coffee. I have broken all three rules in the first two days since the conference, but I take the defense that I came to the resort instead of going home after the conference.

Friday afternoon…arrive at the resort…no internet connection available. Granted, I don’t really need the internet to write, but I was behind in blogging and I really wanted that to be my first writing. Every time I came into the camper…to use the bathroom, get a soda, eat, take a nap, grab a cookie…I checked the computer to see if I could get on line.

Saturday…turn-over day for all resorts…I was put in charge of the sheets…washing, destaining, drying, folding.  I thought I could use the times between loads to do some writing, but the sheets kept me busy all day up until the fish fry at 6 pm which was my second assignment.

Sunday…I will never get this third rule if I am to write in the morning.  It is 8:04 am and I have already finished a pot of coffee. Here in our camper, I don’t have to leave the room to get a refill, so, technically, I am not breaking the rule.

We go home tomorrow, so I have a second opportunity to apply the rules. For art’s sake, I hope the other writers are having more success at this than I am.