Canticle of the Sun

I shared a blessing from the Franciscans yesterday. When I was a child, we were encouraged to have a devotion to the saints. I never much got into this practice. I couldn’t relate to most of them. But St. Frances of Assissi was special. He captured that character of Jesus that I have always desired for myself – Peace and Simpliciy. Here is his Chanticle of the Sun:

Praise to Thee my Lord, especially for our worshipful Brother Sun.

Praise be to Thee my good Lord for our Sister Moon and the stars.

Praise be to Thee my Lord for Brother Wind, for cloudy and clear skies.

Praise be to Thee my Lord for Sister Water who is humble, precious, chaste.

Praise to Thee my Lord for Brother Fire; he is beautiful, jocund and strong.

Praise my Lord for our Mother the Earth which sustains and governs us.

And brings forth leaves and flowers of many colors and various fruits.

Keep it simple. Be at peace.

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