Catching Divine Thoughts

If you read yesterday’s post, you’d see that I was rushed. I began to make accidental mistakes and found it humorous and then decided to do more on purpose. That is how my writing seems to go. I start putting thoughts down in words and the dripping starts. Then passion acts like a stronger force that moves the thoughts through the pipe faster. I cannot get the words out fast enough. Some of them spread all over my desk and trickle onto the floor. I have to work hard to catch the good ideas before I lose them.

Some of you may know from reading my blog that it is my practice to go out into the morning each day when the sun rises. I suppose I like to think I am helping God get the job done right. But when I do that, I have a prayer. I imagine God all around and through me. When I pray “For you are my God…above me, O Lord,” I imagine the divine “up there” in the form of thoughts floating around like clouds waiting for me to catch so that I can share them in some way. The thoughts are God’s thoughts, yes, but also the thoughts of my fellow humans that have gone into the atmosphere to swirl with other thoughts. They come from you and folks all over the world and all throughout history…it seems no thoughts are ever really lost, they go out from our heads when we think them and become part of the atmosphere. Evaporation. Evaporation is not water disappearing. It is water changing and taking flight.

Black Elk uses the image of a pipe to demonstrate the experience of receiving the divine, letting it go through me and out to the world. I have heard of flute used the same way. A reed or a funnel works. Any image. We just need keep the channel clear and let it happen.

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