Chickens and Satelites

“Be thankful for the little things,” Bernie just said to me when I asked how many lights are lit on our little wireless box. “Two”, I was told. So I am back on the internet after four days, but things are still slow.

I don’t understand all this. What makes our satellite close down at times. Does it get off course? I used to think that when the weather is cloudy, the clouds get in the way of the radio waves. It messes the radio and the TV sometimes. But that is old thinking, I suppose. I don’t know what kind of waves a computer sends out or takes in. How do all these messages travel about?

I am thinking about the old days when there was a central telephone station where women sat in front of a board and moved wires around connecting people so they could talk to one another on their phones. I imagine that there is this connecting place in the sky and my connector has to go pee. Or worse, she is on maternity leave and the replacement doesn’t really know what to do so she just sits there painting her nails. Meanwhile, I can’t blog, I can’t check my e-mail or Facebook nor can I order the book that my book club will be reading next month.  All my people are probably wondering what happened to me. No one has called, so I suppose they aren’t all that worried.

Last night my neighbor left us a message. His chickens are taking a break, he said. They give him and his wife only two or three a day. So it is Sunday morning and no eggs. So I guess we are going out to breakfast.

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