I am tired of my morning routine and have broken myself away from it this past week. Boredom has set in. The daily blog is part of that which is why I have missed writing a couple of days. I think that I have fallen into the grey heavy feeling of winter lingering too long. I checked the weather forecast and for the next week, temperatures will continue in the thirties. Minnesotans have been doing what they do best under such conditions – complain. I pride myself on the fact that for the last month I have been a voice of sensibility, sticking up for the earth, defending God’s actions. “We need the moisture. The drought is finally coming to an end”, I say. “A slow thaw is better for the soil, less run off, less flooding.” But I am beginning to break. Today, I join the community of complainers. If spring weather doesn’t lift my spirits, perhaps belonging to the tribe will.