Crazy Making

I have been acquiring new friends on my Facebook page. One is a Minnesota legislator. I don’t mind her comments. They are always short and I happen to really like her. Nevertheless, I don’t believe I ever approved her befriending me. Others, however include Dr. Oz and a site called Clean Living Daily. I am not talking about their being in that row of ads that run down on the right side of my Facebook messages. I am seeing them right in the midst of things as though these were my friends. It makes me mad, actually. It also makes me mad when ads pop up on a cite that I am visiting. I have seen some that don’t even have a little “X” and I don’t know how to get rid of it.

These ad intrusions are a little like telemarketers on my phone. There is one intruder that really makes me angry. It comes through my computer via skype. It has woke me up several times when I have been trying to nap in the afternoon. Of course I jump up thinking it might be my son in Colorado or my granddaughter from Turkey. When I see it is not a surprise visit from a family member, I always delete it.  Once I did respond and it turned out to be an appeal for me to buy an addendum to my skype capacity. I sent a message to the intruders to please leave me alone and don’t send the message any more. I even explained how they were always waking me up from my nap. But they are relentless.

While I am griping, I am noticing that a couple of major television stations are now selling their prime time to those infomercial people. You know the ones – they show you how to get hair to grow in your bald spots or how to get a collection of Ricky Nelson records. These last half an hour and often replace shows that we used to watch.

Does this all make you crazy the way it does me?


2 thoughts on “Crazy Making”

  1. Reading about advertising in Tim Jackson’s book this morning that Norway and Sweden have banned TV advertising to children under 12. Wow! Also mentioned the idea of supporting public stations on TV and radio. We do, but I have noticed that when the program supporters are listed on TPT, they squeeze in a little bitty commercial even if it is just someone driving around in a car for a few seconds. Can’t blame them, I guess. At least they don’t interrupt the programming, though.

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