Cynicism and Tender Tummies

Candy Crowley on State of the Union this morning, talking about the economic situation…not a thing done and all these indiscriminate cuts kick in (sequester): “No one wants to be the one who decides which programs get cut or get cut-backs and which ones need to continue,” She says. Agreed and if the legislators were the noble folks we want them to be, the difficulty would be about what would be best for their varied constituents. But, as things have gone, I don’t think the constituents really matter. Where the elections funds come from runs the economic decisions. I am really getting to be a cynic.

Today, the grandchildren are here. Heidi has the flu so I went in to St. Cloud to get them. She can rest and, hopefully, they will escape the flu. The tummies here aren’t all that good, I am afraid. We will see how the day goes. Rats.