Cynicism Gets Worse

Two Minnesota State Senators, each of a different party, started the “Purple Caucus”. I heard this on the news yesterday as I vegged in front of the TV overcoming the flu. Their hope is to form this new caucus “designed to serve as a venue where the Minnesota Legislature can unite from across the aisle to share ideas in a constructive way.” Cool! I went to the internet to check it out which is where I found the quote.

There were two comments following the brief article:

Bluedevil wrote: “Sounds like both guys should be defeated.”

Burgles responded: “Blue, why do you think they should get defeated? I think it is a great idea to work together. Find common ground and work on that.”

I wondered if Blue wasn’t meaning that the two guys should be defeated, but rather that in all likelyhood they would be defeated. If he meant the latter, I am afraid I would have to agree. Most politicians preach working together during their campaigns, but then some power gets hold of them when they get into office and screws with their convictions or with their allegiances.

Yikes! The cynicism is getting worse.