Day of Hope

A grey Sunday morning. This is the fourth day of clouds that brought much needed rain. I believe we always need to welcome whatever weather comes. This is a bit contrary to what it means to be a Minnesotan, I suppose. We do like to complain about the weather even though ours is pretty uneventful compared to other parts of the country.

Today we reconnect with friends that we haven’t seen in quite a while. In addition, I received a text yesterday from a friend I haven’t seen in a couple of years. I tried calling her but she seemed only to respond to texting, to which I have not yet subscribed, so the charges are mounting.

Sorry to bore you with my mundane reality. But it really isn’t all that mundane to me. The richest part of my life is connecting with those with whom I share that oneness of spirit that is the Christian hope. The experience always wakes me up from the sleepiness of the grey days that are part of my life.