Divine Partnership

I can’t find the little piece of paper that has ideas for blogs on it. When I have an idea for a blog and then forget it, I like to blame that on God. “God didn’t want me to write that,” I think.

We are told to give God credit for the good things we do. You know what I mean. You do something nice for someone and when they thank you, you are supposed to say, “That wasn’t me. That was God working in me.” I figure that if I should give credit to God when I do something good, I should give God the blame when I do the opposite. Like failing to share a godly thought with the world by blogging about it.

This is crazy thinking. When I do something nice for someone, I have to admit that I did it. I did it. I moved my body or spoke words that were first in my head. On the other hand, my doing something that I deem to be helpful to another person may not be very helpful at all. Perhaps it is something they should have done for themselves and I was taking away from them the self-satisfaction of an accomplishment. Nor do I have the control over how something I said will be received. A compliment may be heard as an insult. A suggestion might be the opposite of what they should do. Or my words may fall on deaf ears altogether.

As I think about it, it seems like God and I are in some sort of partnership that I never signed up for but seems to be happening. I do whatever I do, perhaps with the intention of being helpful or maybe I am just doing something mindlessly. God then does something in the other person that, if you could see it, looks like planting a seed or a whole tree in soil. The person may realize what is happening and thank you, but clearly their experience is not in my control. In that sense, giving God credit seems the logical thing to do.

I like the idea, though, that we, God and I, are in a partnership. I do what I do or say what I say…and let God do the rest. It cuts my work in half.