Easter Trilogy

Today is the first day of a family trilogy. Grandchildren Charlie, Ana and Jack are here. Mom will be here when she finishes work. Ana embroidered a heart on a dishtowel for her dad’s birthday. Charlie plans to make him some paper cranes. We tried to figure out how to do that using the internet but were not able to follow the directions. Have to wait for another relative to show up who can teach him. Jackson is doing dishes. He is soaked from head to toe. I don’t have a change of clothes for him so he will have to run around naked while I put his clothes in the dryer. More family comes later in time for supper. Tonight we color eggs.

Second day of the trilogy – tomorrow. We will celebrate the Passover with our own home-grown seder. Motza to make and haroset (apple sauce). I know, I know, Passover is past, but we have to adapt to the ability of family to get here. After the dinner we will celebrate my daugher’s birthday and probably play games.

The third day of the trilogy is Easter and this year it seems that the Easter Bunny will be coming to our house. How does that rabbit know where to go? Some family will go home or on to other relatives. Some of us will go north to have Easter brunch with the Bernie’s brother. And a special treat this year…the maples are running sap so we can collect some sap with him for syrup.

The air is getting spring-warm. Have a good weekend with your loved ones. If you are alone, know that God shares the day with you.