Eat Doughnuts, Not Grapefruit

Okay. I just finished a Skype conversation with my son. I truthfully I can’t remember why I Skyped him. My train of thought was derailed when one of his kids poked her head into his office and asked a question that I could not hear. “No, eat the doughnuts,” he said. Then, returning to our discourse he said, “I told them not to eat the grapefruit. We got all these doughnuts and need to eat them up.” Was I hearing him correctly? My son telling his children, “Eat doughnuts, not grapefruit”?

Why does Bill Cosby come to mind right now?



3 thoughts on “Eat Doughnuts, Not Grapefruit”

  1. On Bill Cosby: you’re thinking of his act “Chocolate Cake” from his standup “Himself.” When the audience grumbled when he said he served them grapefruit juice, he shot back at them, “these are not your children!” It was classic, improvised Cosby.

  2. Isn’t that absolutely ridiculous? You used to make us eat the grapefruit before the doughnuts, and I have to make the kids finish the doughnuts before the grapefruit. Wow, that’s different.

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